Municipal waste water treatment plant.

One of the biggest plant in the world with low speed surface aerator AIRMAX

Quantity: 75


WTP for dairy industry

Low speed surface aerator AIRMAX

Quantity: 2


Process: complete mixed tank
with Nitrification/denitrification

Replacement of high speed aerator
Low speed surface  aerator AIRMAX
Number: 2
Diameter: 2.3m
Power: 55Kw



Enginering and delivery: pumping station

Floating and flexible hoses on the river
Quantity: 18
Diameter: DN 900 for drinking water

Delivery of +/-10km submersible cable 300mm²


AIRMAX: 2 x 75kw covered

No noise no aerosol system

Gearboxes with oil protection system

Contractor: BALTEAU sa


Process: complete mixed tank
Delivery: AIRMAX
Installation: bridge
Quantity: 26
Application: municipal waste water


Process: Toveko sand filter

Application: Drinking water producer: back-wash filtration
Flow: 30 m3/h
SS out: <10 mg/l


Process: Toveko sand filter
Flow: 6 m3/h
SS out: <10 mg/l

Application: heavy metals removal


Process: lagoon
Low speed surface aerator: AIRMAX
Quantity: 16
Application: municipal waste water


Process: oxidation ditches
Delivery: Low speed surface aerator AIRMAX and basic engineering
Quantity: 12
Application: municipal waste water


Belt thickner
Belt width: 3m
Sludge concentration inlet: 1g/l
Sludge concentration outlet: 6g/l
Flow: 150m3/h

Application: municipal waste water


Process: MBR with nitrification denitrification
Membrane: ZeeWeed submerged
People equivalent: 30 000ie
Flow: 355m3/h
Turnkey for the complete filtration unit
Application: municipal waste water