Complete epuration system from 50 to 5000 e.i.

How does the AiRBC operates?

KAMPS is proud to propose his new epuration system that consist in an standard set for municipal waste water treatment (or assimilable). The system presents the advantage to be modular that permits to adapt  it easily to any project. The system uses the Rotating Biological Contactor. Two  separated stages are operating simoultaneously : the emerged part of the biodisque permits the biology to breath, the immerged part permits the biology to eat and destruct pollution.

AiRBC system

Who is the AiRBC destined to?

The use of an AiRBC presents the advantage to be compact while having an excellent quality of epuration. The process uses a fixed rotating biology which permits to manage high flows differences. The AiRBC system find his place in water treatment of small municipalities (variable flow), hotels (variable flow, lack of space), motorway service areas (variable flow, lack of space),...

More generally, the process can be used for WWTP smaller than 5000 e.i.

The epuration concept includes two parts :

- Biological reactor

- Liquid-Solid separator: Kamps can propose different alternatives for this second part

Biological reactor

The biological reactor of type RBC (Rotating Biological Conctacor) permits continously to operate while ensuring the bests epurations results. The fixed biology on biodisques is a major asset for installation designed to treat big flow variations.

The compactness of the system permits to install it in any landscape without harming the vue. The installation can even be burried so that only the top of the tank stays visible.

The tank matching the shape can be built in GRP, steel, stainless steel or concrete (or any other material) at demand of the customer.

The system turns at very low RPM, energy consumption is thus very low. Moreover, a low speed system involve barely no wearing parts

Example of a typical WWTP using an AiRBC (Rotating Biological Contacor) with a lamella separator.

Liquid-Solid Separation

Filtering drum

Filtration cloths disposed on a drum, the water flows through the stainless steel cloth.

Séparateur lamellaire

By increasing the decantation surface we can increase the separation efficiency. It is easy to reduce the dimension of the separator by adding lamellas.

Ultra-filtration membranes

Water is sucked through the membranes while filtering at 0.04 µm, which don't let bacteries go through. Rejected water is proper and comparable to swimming water. This solution suits perfectly to water reuse (irrigation, swimming, cleaning,...)

L’eau est sucée à travers les membranes à 0.04µm, ce qui ne laisse pas passer les bactéries. L’eau de rejet est propre et comparable à l’eau de baignade. Cette solution se prête extrêmement bien à la réutilisation de l'eau (irigation, baignade, nettoyage,...).