Complete Waste Water Treatment systems from 250 pe to 2000 pe

How do M-BIOMAX and S-BIOMAX work

The WWT system proposed here under is a standardized global system that makes possible the purification of urban waste waters (or assimilated to urban waste waters).

This water treatment concept is made of 3 steps:
-separation of liquids and solids: M-Biomax and S-Biomax will offer a different functioning on this third step.
Furthermore, some equipments can be installed in a separated technical area.

The pretreatment

 The pretreatment includes a fine screen able to retain all the particles. This pretreatment requires a water volume that will present several functions: buffer tank, but also biologic complement.
This pretreatment can be completed by some accessories that make possible the flexibility of the system: the following options are:
-transfer pump
-waste press screw
-level probe
-mixer in the case of nitrification or denitrification process

The bioreactor

 The continuous bioreactor guarantees the best water purification results. Thanks to the high mixing capacity due to the aeration, the aerobic micro-organisms consume the substrate (pollution) and create the flocks. The aeration makes use of the AIRMAX-COVER technology that guarantees a maximal aeration efficiency. The options of the bioreactor are:
-number of aeration cells, according to the dimension
-level probe
-bacteriological support
-engineering and equipment supplies (tanks have to be build by the client)

The separation of liquids and solids

After creation of the activated sludge flocks, water runs to the separation area. This area presents 2 different models:
-in the M-BIOMAX the separation is realized by immersed ultrafiltration membranes (model Zeeweed);
-in the S-BIOMAX the separation is realized by a lamella separator. The flocks of the concentrated and activated sludge are re-circulated to the bioreactor. The floating waste material is captured and evacuated. Finally, the excess activated sludge is also evacuated by an automatic valve. The options are more particularly:
-active surface according to the peak flow
-dividing of the re-circulation pump

Technical area

-In the S-BIOMAX system, this technical area includes the re-circulation pump of the mixed liquid, as well as the electric cabinet.
-In the M-BIOMAX system, this area also includes the permeate pump and the dosing pump for the membranes cleaning process.

Control of the process

The M-BIOMAX is controlled by PLC, and his management is recovered on a tactile screen.
Every S-BIOMAX equipment is controlled by a “Automatic-Stop-Manual” button.


The standard tanks are made of stainless steel. The screen is also made of stainless steel. The aerators are made of carbon steel, protected by epoxy. The membranes are made of reinforced PVDF (Worldwide patent).

The advantages of the M-BIOMAX: it's obvious!



 The bioreactor with immersed ultrafiltration membranes are not on an experimentation stage anymore. Many Belgian and international references are to prove it.

Effluent quality

 The high quality of the effluent is above the most severe European norms (for instance the bathing waters). The quality is so high that the client may consider any type of water re-use.

Elimination of nitrogen and phosphorus

The M-BIOMAX installations with Zeeweed® MBR membranes make the reactions of nitrification and denitrification easier, because some bacterial stumps with a weak growth rate are under entire control of the operator. This element is extremely important when the temperatures get very low in the winter. The membranes are also perfectly compatible with the iron chloride, witch is essential for the phosphorus elimination.

Stable process

 As the M-BIOMAX installation works with a low organic load (F:M Ratio), and as the membranes are used as physical barriers for the micro-organisms, it will be impossible to return pollution to the river. The effluent’s quality will be the best, but also very constant.

Low surface on ground

The M-BIOMAX system is able to work with high activated sludge concentrations, because the discharge quality doesn’t depend on the concentration of the basins, like it is in the conventional processes.

The obvious advantages of the S-BIOMAX


Strong construction

 The S-BIOMAX is build and tested in the workshop. It is covered and may be installed in any urban area. His strong conception leads to a minimal maintenance.


For each client, one specific solution. The water features (flow and pollution) will define the size of the installation.

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