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The low speed vertical shaft aerator AIRMAX presents all the required qualities for efficient aeration of biological plants.

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Ultrafiltration membrane membrane

ZeeWeed  ultra-filtration membrane is a hole fiber  low energy membrane used for membrane bioreactor or for drinking water process.

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Solairmax UniversalAloePanneaux WEB

Low speed surface aerator powered by solar energy.

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KAMPS provides skid and floating pontoon for dredging sludge and pumping water.Read More


100 anniversary

2019: KAMPS started its activity 100 years ago in 1919. KAMPS has now more than 70 years experience in water treatment. KAMPS is still a 100% family controlled company with high flexibility and very high quality products.

Mars 2018: KAMPS commissions the first aerated lagoon with SOLAIRMAX in South America

December 2017: Kamps is awarded for the delivery and installation of a floating pumping station 1.6MW for 1.16m³/sec at 100 m height.

October 2016 ZeeLung is a new aeration technology by membrane diffusion that has much more better efficiency than bubble diffusers. KAMPS has just been awarded to install the first full scale ZeeLung system worldwide.

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Research & Development

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KAMPS worldwide supplier of quality products for water treatment since 1919. KAMPS's mission : Best solutions and equipments for delivering quality water all over the world with less energy consumption.


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