KAMPS designs several  shelters for protecting equipment and tanks covering. Those shelters are in composite materials (polyester, glass vesels, carbone, polyurethane foam,...).

There are many different applications and for each one KAMPS proposes the right design.

Some applications:

Shelter for equipment as for the gearunit of the AIRMAX aerators: 20 years experience.

Covering for aeration tank, sludge storage, clarifier,...

Shelter for electrical or electronical cabinet.


External part with sun exposure are UV protected. The lifetime is more than 20 years and sometimes a 10 year guarantee can be given.


Kamps delivers also shelter for telecom application with freecooling installed inside

freecooling 1


KAMPS levert werledwijde qualitatieve producten for water behandeling since 1919
KAMPS missie: Best oplossing en machine met weinig energie verbruik voor levering van qualitative water

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