Term Definition
Activated sludge

Mixture of primary treated or screened sewage (or industrial wastewater) combined with organisms to develop a biological floc, and in witch atmospheric air is introduced so that the sludge is activated. This activation reduces the organic content of the sewage.


KAMPS technology of Rotating Biological Contactor


Trademark of the high efficiency low speed surface aerator designed by KAMPS.

Alpha Factor

Ratio between the Kla 20 and Kla T, it express the oxygen transfer efficiency in waste water compared to transfer in clean water


Actual Oxygen Transfer Rate : Mass of oxygen per unit time dissolved in a volume of water by an oxygen transfer system operating under given conditions of temperature, pressure, power, gas rate, and dissolved oxygen concentration.


Trade name DHV : oxidation ditch with vertical shaft low turbine.

Continuous sand filter

Sand water filtration system, where the sand continuously cleans itself, providing a higher filtration quality.

Kla 20

Oxygen transfer coefficient at T=20°C in clean water, expressed in 1/h

Kla T

Oxygen transfer coefficient at actual temperature in waste water, expressed in 1/h


Group of natural wetlands acting as biofilters, removing sediments and pollutants from the water. In the lagoon, wastewater is treated through a combination of physical, biological and chemical processes. Much of them occur naturally, but some systems use aeration device to add oxygen to the wastewater.

Low speed vertical shaft aerator

Slow turbine designed to aerate and mix the activated sludge in a water treatment plant.

Oxidation ditch
Long channel of an elliptical or circular shape equipped with an aeration equipment called a rotor for generating a water flow and stirring water in the channel to supply oxygen.
Rotating Biological Contactor

a fixed bed of biology on biodisques that turn in and out of waste water. OUT : biology breath, IN : biology feeds herself with pollution


Standard aeration efficiency

SAE = SOTR per unit total power input. Power input may be based on either delivered, brake, or wire power, and this basis must be stated.

Sludge dewatering

Removal of water contained in the excess sludge, in order to reduce its volume after water treatment.


Standard oxygenation transfer rate

OTR in clean water when the DO concentration is zero at all points in the water volume, the water temperature is 20°C, and the barometric pressure is 1.00 atm (101 kPa).


Standard Oxygen Transfer rate : Masse d'oxygène par unité de temps dissoute dans un volume d'eau par un système de transfer d'oxygène fonctionnant sous des conditions standard de température (20°C), pression (1atm) et concentration d'oxygène dissout (OD = 0%).

Surface aerator

Slow turbine designed to aerate and mix the activated sludge in a water treatment plant on the surface of the basin.

Ultrafiltration membrane

Semipermeable “out-in” membrane against witch a liquid (wastewater) is forced by hydrostatic pressure. The suspended solids and solutes are retained, while water pass through the membrane.

Water aeration

Action of oxygenate the waste waters where the micro-organisms, keeping this oxygen, will remove the contaminants.