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Process : 11kw aeration

Solar power 13,5kWp

No battery- no Grid connection

DSC 0706

2x45kW AIRMAX 2400

IMG 20170405 WA0014

7.5kW floating O2WATER Aerators

DSC 0548

2 Brush Aerators 22kW

1000mm Diameter

IMG 20170201 WA0002


Carrousel for sewage treatment




Tank with 6x110kW Airmax

Whole tank covering (52mx36m)



AIRMAX 2000 : Replacement of old surface aerators

Process : Intermittent nitrification/denitrification

Gearbox with oil protection system

Carrousel is a trade name of DHV

Process : Complete mixed with 6 AIRMAX 2700 at 110kW

Steel Bridge included

 Process : AiRBC system replacement

Number of biodiscs : 100

200 ie


Standard clear water test ac.EN12255-15

34 AIRMAX 45kw with efficiency higher than 2 kgO2/kwh electric

DSC 0340  

AIRMAX: 1300 Replacement of low speed surface aerator

Same power but better efficiency

DSC 0441  

AIRMAX: 1300 Replacement of polyester low speed surface aerator

Same power but higher efficiency