The COVERMAX is a completely covered surface aerator.

It is designed in order to answer to WWTP specific requirements.

As a result of the high efficiency –low speed and –high diameter aerators technology, the COVERMAX presents the following

Advantages and specifications:

  1. The COVERMAX technical allows keeping a maximum heat in the biology, as about 100% of the electric energy is introduced into the water. In the summer, the cooling is possible thanks to specific disposals

  2. The COVERMAX replaces the basin covering installation

  3. The floating COVERMAX allows variable water levels in the aeration basin like for SBR (Sequence Batch Reactor)

  4. COVERMAX’ engineering decreases the concrete structures costs

  5. The aerosols are eliminated with the COVERMAX system

  6. The COVERMAX decreases considerably the noise

  7. The COVERMAX is an esthetically designed

  8. The COVERMAX maintenance is easy, thanks to his integrated footbridge with or without railing

  9. The COVERMAX keeps the sludge in the basin, so that the free boards may be reduced

  10. Integrated anti-vortex

  11. The gearbox is well protected

Technical specifications

  1. 100% composite material

  2. Floating or hanging

  3. Aeration power: 1-110 kw

  4. Drafttube for deep basins

  5. Different RAL colors possible

  6. Options: electrical cabinet  and oxygen probe regulation

Covermax Tack