Pumping station

Kamps designs and delivers pumping stations for several applications from drinking water supply or irrigation to sewage.This activity is closely linked to the water treatment  process where Kamps has more than 60 years experience. Kamps finds solutions, and adapts its product to respond to the specific requirements of the customer and the situation.

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We offer several types of pumping stations working with different suppliers according to the application required. Vertical multistage pumps - dry or submersible  - will be used for high TMH. For raw water in sewage plant, Kamps will use screw pumps or centrifugal heavy duty pumps. For each application we offer the best solution. With a large experience on filtration, Kamps also designs strainers for pump protection where a special attention to the NPSHr and NPSHa will be required. The size, the surface of the strainer but also the cleaning have requirements that need to be properly addressed and designed.

 For a dam or reservoir, the water level can fluctuate a lot depending on the season or the level of rain water. In this type of application, Kamps offers floating pipes to link the floating pontoon to the coast. This smart solution avoids heavy access pontons and makes the system more flexible without heavy mechanical constraints.  See picture of floating pipes DB900 below as designed by KAMPS.

KAMPS uses FEA non-linear software for stress simulation in a moving situation as for the case of floating pumps.

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