Air diffusers - Fine bubbles

The air diffusers are world wide known to have a good aeration efficiency. This bottom aeration technique has also mixing capacities for the activated sludge in biological tanks with great depths. Air diffusers can be installed in both urban and industrial waste water treatment plants.

KAMPS proposes 3 different air diffusers types : 

  • AIRFINE DISCS : Circular diffusers allowing a very good air-liquid transfer by avoiding coalescence, and can be installed with a good repartition on the tank bottom surface.
  • AIRFINE TUBES : Tubular diffusers allowing a very good repartition on the tank bottom surface while limiting the piping quantity.
  • AIRFINE STRIPS : Plane diffusers allowing the best air-liquid transfer, a good repartition in the tank and a low quantity of piping.

Diffuseurs JAGER

Moreover, KAMPS delivers the stainless steel or other material pipes as a kit to be mounted with flanges. This allows to avoid welding operations on stie and potential leakages. Precise mounting drawings are always delivered with the material.

Delivery Installation
Masyaf web air diffusers


The accessories such as valves, flowmeters, and other hyrdraulic organs are proposed on special demand from the customer. Each project is designed separately following the customer's needs.