Water TankRwanda

Volume : 108 m³

Height : 20 m


Volume : 90 m³

Height : 18 m

FEA wind analysis

IMG 1787website

10 Pumps  x 116l/sec each

HMT = 93m

Total power: 1,6MWe

Screening and cleaning system patented


Dredging barge

Remote drive

Double flow pump

Web dredging

Dredging barge

Remote drive

"on earth" displacment trailer

Double flow pump

Webfloating station

Engineering and delivery :

Floating piping DN900

HMT : 8 meters



Enginering and delivery: pumping station

Floating and flexible hoses on the river
Quantity: 18
Diameter: DN 900 for drinking water

Delivery of +/-10km submersible cable 300mm²