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Kamps ultrafiltration systems combine process efficiency and a great installation flexibility.
Our solutions can be used alone or integrated in a complex treatment line. Ultrafiltration is a physical treatment process which clarifies and disinfects the water in a single step, while maintaining the water’s mineral balance. Our technology guarantees consistent water quality regardless of variations in the influent water quality.

1. How it works

he operation of Kamps installation is fully automated. The raw water is first prefiltered (130µm). It is then dispatched with low pressure (<0.3bar) in the ultrafiltration modules. The membranes acts as a filter for particules larger than 0.02µm. The systems alternates automatically depending , on the raw water quality, whilst the filtration and backwashing sequences deliver a constant quality of water. The sequence of backwashing for each module or group of modules is produced at the same time by other modules which are not backwashed.

This mode of operation renders a backwash tank and associated equipement unnecessary. It limits the cost and reduces energy/water  consumption. The process developed are based on mechanical washings without the use of chemicals product during the production phase. Depending on client and raw water quality, additional cleaning products can be added (acid, base or chlorine).

2. Applications


  • Drinking water production
  • Process water production
  • Reverse osmosis / demineralization pretreatment

3. Technical data


  • Inlet maximum turbidity : up to 100NFU
  • Maximum operating pressure: 3 bar <20°C
  • Outlet maximum pressure 1 bar
  • Systems components: ACS (Ministry of Health)
  • Certification: European Community
  • Ultrafiltration module: polyethersulfone IN/OUT 0.02

4. Performance

  • Flow 1 up to 16m³/h per system or max 3400m³/d in container
  • Ultrafiltrated water turbidity < 0.1 NFU (guaranteed 100%)
  • 6 log removal of bacteria and cyst
  • 4 log elimination of virus
  • SDI<3(guanranteed 100%)

5. Example container

exemple container

  1. ultrafiltration module
  2. raw water feed pump
  3. prefiltration
  4. drive / control panel. Electrical cabinet
  5. chlorine injection
  6. Air conditioning


exemple container 2