ZeeLung™ : The revolution in water aeration

Description of the MSBR technology

ZeeLungis a membrane supported biofilm reactor (MSBR) for wastewater treatment. The MSBR uses a dense film oxygen permeable membrane for biofilm growth on the surface and supplies oxygen by molecular diffusion through the membrane wall. As oxygen transfer occurs by diffusion through the membrane, not by air bubbling, high Oxygen Transfer Efficiency (OTE) in the process reactor can result in a significant reduction in energy use. In addition, as wastewater treatment reactions take place within the biofilm, it has low sludge production with long solids retention time (SRT). After 16 months of successful pilot-scale operation, a 1.5m long module (180 and 200 m2/module) has been developed and tested to evaluate its potential for high-strength industrial wastewater treatment. During the testing for synthetic industrial wastewater treatment, high oxygen transfer efficiencies (60%) were obtained. Furthermore the MSBR showed a low sludge production (0.06 g TSS/g COD) together with high reactor treatment rates of 3.5 kg CODt/m3/d. The overall system was robust with no operating issues like foaming.

KAMPS awarded for the first installation of ZeeLung™ worldwide

Today, Kamps is proud to be the first company worldwide to install a MBSR working on diffusion technology. Kamps always tries to propose to his customers the bests technologies available in order to be more efficient and save energy. In that way of thinking, Kamps worked for months for the application of this technology to an existing WWTP in order to improve the nitrification/denitrification process in a retrofit case for an acceptable budget. The ZeeLung™ membranes are supported by the same cassettes system as ZeeWeed™ ultrafiltration membranes. Kamps already delivered several ZeeWeed™ membranes in Belgium and France and has thus a great experience with the mounting of this system. In this case Kamps will manufacture two stainless steel bridges to hang the cassettes in the aeration tank. Everything will be assembled in Kamps' factory and will be delivered as a plug and play system. The piping will already be mounted on the bridge structure and all equipment will be installed in a polyester shelter outside the tank. The advantage of pre-mounting such a system in our factory is the guarantee of a high level quality.

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Zeelung Aeration by diffusion


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