Based on a long term experience, Kamps is developping a new filter model which will be simple, robust and low energy consuming. The CleanAir is at prototype stage and Kamps already tested it  on diverse processes : floc filtration, fibers filtration and organical waste filtration (leafs, weeds,...). This new technology proposes range of filtration going from 30µm to 3mm.

CleanAir EN 2020

 The principle is easy : on one side of the filter media, we have a dirt water income. The water passes through the media and the waste stays on the media. The filter is supplied by a very small air flow and a special siphon generates from this flow very big bubbles at a designed frequency. Thoses big bubbles have a great mechanical unclogging effect. As the waste water income continues, the dirt water side will start concentrating waste and the flow through the media will decrease. The overflow will start evacuate the excedent flow that will be highly concentrated. On that way, the filter finds its proper equilibrium. No need of any valve or instumentation, the filter will regulate itself.

Test CleanAir prototype

 In 2020 Kamps started some projects and nowadays in 2021, those project were already in a good way : the tests were done "on site" to characterise the customer needs and the prototype will soon become reality. If you also have a filtration problematic, don't hesitate to contact Kamps' team that will be glad to help to find a good solution.

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