KAMPS designs and produce floating dredging equipment to be used to empty the settled sludge from the ponds, lakes or lagoons. That anaerobic sludge has many negative effects such as exhausting methane in the atmosphere and reducing the water volume. The usual way to dredge a lagoon is by emptying it and then remove the sludge with motorized shovels. That technique is invasive and destroy all biodiversity and creates risks to damage the geomembrane.

With floating dredging equipment all those negative points are avoided.

KAMPS proposes the DRAG'OON dredging pontons :

  • Floating structure or fixed
  • Motorized or not
  • Double flow pump for a better mixing
  • Pipes available on demand
  • Non invasive technique

 Many options are possible depending on customer application as for example the dewatering device.

The DRAG’OON works soft with less people, less energy and remove the sludge on regular basis as it need to be done for higher water quality.